094 / Katarrhaktes: Ascension

A regular contributor to Fwonk*, Katarrhaktes has brought us some stunning music in the past, hopping genres from harsh digital noise, through 8-bit to ambient. Here he brings all those influences together an adds a new element – epic hugeness. This EP is his most complete, accomplished and (dare I say it?) accessible to date.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

068 / Wet Cock: Punchmereallyhardintheface

Rooted in Uganda but translocated to the Isle of Man, Dwain and Wayne Underslap, as the sublime Wet Cock, bring to the world of music a refined product of extreme talent fused with an almighty presence that is impossible to ignore. This debut release from the brothers, punchmereallyhardintheface, mixes traditional soft rock sensibilities with extreme rock violence. This is music. This is Wet Cock.

Produced, mixed and mastered at Camp Cock.

download: bandcamp

067 / Imploded View: An Exploded Few

This collection is the introductory début by Imploded View, aka Jerome McCormick. This release is not forward in going backwards with an exciting blend of experimental electronic music. Although the music here could be refered to as IDM, it’s not a term that Imploded View is comfortable with. There’s a whole manner of synth washes, retro in style for the most part, and hooks which are both catchy and un-catchy at the same time. Speed-wobbles in slow motion feature thanks to the incorporation of a 1/4 inch Reel-to-Reel tape machine in the creation process.

Please note that due to legal reasons, we have had to remove most of the tracks from this EP. We apologise to all our listeners.

download: archive.org

066 / BpOlar: deep_locators

BpOlar, hailing from Antwerp in Belgium specialises in deep, deep ambient with a dub flavour. Listening to deep_locators is an aural return to the womb, only with reverb trails that last forever. Seven tracks, and nearly one hour of aural bliss.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

063 / Tiruset: Siruxect

Electronic pulses, distorted drums gallop and barrages of fried electro beats, chilled pads and a whirl of awesome filter action. A stunning wake up call for 2011. Tiruset’s music folds in upon itself and spews itself out again, better than before.

Download: bandcamp | archive.org

055 / The Ambient Society: Phantom Frequences

With Phantom Frequencies, The Ambient Society deliver four tracks of fluttering beats, dub delays and spaced out soundscapes. Drenched in lovely reverb, mixing ambient, dub and psychedelia with a stunning crystal clear production, its available in both FLAC and MP3 320kbps format.

download: bandcamp | archive.org