The Cauldron

The CauldronThe Cauldron is an experimental project space created by Fwonk* Records and is based on Soundcloud. How it works is simple: every month, we send you a series of instructions designed to challenge the way you make music in bizarre and artistic ways. Occasionally, there will be a more conventional project, but it’s never a competition, just a place for creating and sharing music. You don’t have to take part in every challenge unless you want to.

We only have one challenge running each month, giving ample time to fully develop your tracks. To take part, please ensure you’ve subscribed to the newsletter, then go to our project space on Soundcloud and click the Join button to the left of the page. Complete the project based on your interpretation of the month’s brief. Then, once your track is uploaded, select The Cauldron in the ‘Add To Group’ button under your track. Ensure you’ve tagged it correctly, and that’s it! You’re done.

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