161 / hxw hxw – a body of water is a kind of mirror, i suppose

After years of silently releasing material without so much as a whisper, the mysterious hxw hxw (romanised from the Ancient Greek, meaning ‘echo echo’) brings us its first single ‘a body of water is a kind of mirror, i suppose’. These two songs have been remixed specifically for this release using elements taken from the upcoming album ‘narcissus stripped bare by his own eyes, even’.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

159 / Phirnis/Katarrhaktes – Sleepers

Regular Fwonk* artists Phirnis and Katarrhaktes have colluded to devise this split LP. Resting somewhere between noise and ambience, Sleepers recalls the uncomfortable mode of comfort between the comatose and wakeful states. Fragments of sound play back like phantom memories, washing and repeating upon themselves as waves upon the shores of the mind.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

154 / echosonic – droplets

After some time contributing to the Fwonk compilations and being one half of Venona Pers, echosonic has stirred from his torpor to create a winter-inspired single-track EP that moves from grainy textures through woozy electronica and drone ambient all in the space of 12 minutes. Never straying far from an effects chain, this single heralds some new material coming in the new year.

download: bandcamp | archive.org | SoundCloud


Teetering on the edge of dissonance, Katarrhaktes summons two disquieting tracks from beyond the pale. Woven from manipulated acoustic instruments, these bleak explorations into the medium stumble between percussive groove and unsettling tension.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

115 / Heskin Radiophonic: Tuomio

Heskin Radiophonic returns to Fwonk* for the first time since 2011 with Fwonk*s very first single release: two tracks of Damnation and Salvation. These tracks are full of reverb soaked ambient drones, crispy beats and ghostly pads.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

089 / Heskin Radiophonic: Schwarzschild Radius

Heskin Radiophonic returns to Fwonk* with four tracks of ambient, pseudo-orchestral drones based around unresolved chordal sequences. The overall effect sounds not unlike an alternative soundtrack for 2001: A Space Odyssey, this is quiet music best played loud.

Download: bandcamp | archive.org

055 / The Ambient Society: Phantom Frequences

With Phantom Frequencies, The Ambient Society deliver four tracks of fluttering beats, dub delays and spaced out soundscapes. Drenched in lovely reverb, mixing ambient, dub and psychedelia with a stunning crystal clear production, its available in both FLAC and MP3 320kbps format.

download: bandcamp | archive.org