Netaudio / 57

Jingha-a x 90sFlav / Catch’in The Vibe (EP)

Dusted Wax Kingdom have a longstanding tradition of putting out the very best in netaudio hip-hop, and this, their 286th release, totally lives up to the title. Part trip-hop, part old skool hip-hop, this is proudly stuck in the 90s with lo-fi loops, beats, clicks and cuts.

DR / 4 Drones

Etched Traumas netlabel bring four short ambient drones from German producer Dominic Razlaff who employs field recordings, synthesizers and tape loops to great effect. Chords wash in and wash out from background layers of static, warm distortion meets the coldness of the chords and melodies.

Various Artists / Gem Drops Four

Gem Drops Four is a compilation album from the Dropping Gems netlabel featuring 21 tracks of prime glitch hop from Portland, USA. Particularly amazing is the track Falling by Vandetta, a ghostly acapella.