5W1H 005: The Annunaki

The Annunaki 5W1H


Me ?? I am Johnboy the guitarist for The Annunaki and unfortunately for you and for my band the one who is answering the questions for this interview. As far as who the group are we have remained an influential figure and are widely thought of as the most influential performers of all time. We are a credible cause for disease, sickness in animals, bad luck, sudden death, impotence and misfortune. We take fiendish delight in terrifying those who are too lazy, too bigoted, too slow-witted to understand us. We are all Psychotic A.D.H.D Sufferers overflowing with Lunacy and Chips……………..And have played together in many many bands before this over the last 28 years and really really enjoyed the on the spot off the cuff totally improvised physcoactive metaphysical jams that we have been doing, so decided to very roughly record them on minidisc in the rehearsal rooms and put them out………GET OUT OF MY BREAD SHOP !!


It is not all Pleasant. These vibrations may be disturbing for some people, we are abnormally unable to resist certain urges, Andwehavereciprocatingcircularpistonsandaccidentreportingsystems. But it’s all about feeling a sort of spiritual connection when we jam. Coupled with a mass of influences and a passion for just playing, and playing and seeing what happens, The Annunaki just is. And is sometimes but not always In honour of the contemporary ruler Bahlam Ajaw.The Mayan Bastard. FEED ME A FUCKING STRAY CAT !!!!!!!


WIGAN. Ratna prabha Sharkara prabha.Valuka prabha.Panka prabha.Dhuma prabha.Tamaha prabha.Mahatamaha. FIELD OF THE GRASSHOPPERS.


Everything will soon turn to dust, we all know that, Our Sessions contain Apocalyptic imagery of heavenly warfare between The Angel of Israel and the Archangels of Persia. We have no goals in our lives musically or otherwise apart from having fun, drinking ugandan moonshine and just giving out our self-designationed branch of expressed tensions between the human and supernatural world.


Our heads can rotate a full 360 degrees and we are equipped with powerful missiles in our fingers, knees and our toes. The last sessions we did grew out of an amalgamation of Greco-Roman magic and Jewish demonology. The legendary Mad Arab poet Abdul al Hazred was torn apart in broad daylight by invisible forces in front a crowd of horrified onlookers, and that’s all that matters. There are so many sleeping people in this world and we hope some of you can take at least a tiny bit of pleasure from at least a tiny bit of this recording.


Music like this was deposited with the dead in ancient Egypt. We recommend you give your bowels a rinsing with boiling oil whilst listening to this and make sure you keep up the dirty protest. Never mind God is good, he sends these things to try us, we have not much money but we do see life. What’s your BZ On pal ? Our Queen has seen more rides than a blackpool donkey, our bobends are as shiny as a dolphins beak. Wind your Fucking neck in, where you up to pal ? We lead the dance, we make them sing.

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Thanks and Bumming’s to Katarrhaktes for this interview and we are looking for shows so please get in touch !

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110 / The Annunaki: Set The Land Aflame

Summoning mystical demons of music, The Annunaki present a set of live, and totally improvised musical manifestations. These raw recordings capture music in its genesis – it is created, lives, breathes but the once and lives on only in these recordings.

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