Fwonk* & Bubblectro

We are pleased to announce the merger of Fwonk* and Bubblectro netlabels! Together we can be stronger!

By now many of our most ardent of followers will have noticed the Bubblectro back catalogue being uploaded onto Fwonk*, and available for release and general merriment. Bubblectro is a netlabel that has been around for a couple of years now, and have built quite a roster of artists and talent behind them. Headed by Sickmoth (who already has release history on Fwonk* with his work as Sickmoth, i have a box and Wet Cock) Bubblectro’s artists have included 2ndMouse, Perniciem (a side project by our very own Vasko The Pig) and a whole roster of newcomers to Fwonk*s golden shores.

Both the folks from Bubblectro and all of us on the good ship Fwonk* look forward to co-operation between the two labels and our roster of artists – compilations, remix competitions, split EPs and more! Just watch this space…

What is Bubblectro?

Hello Fwonk*ers! Bubblectro was originally set up because we, that is Brandon Dinsmore in the US and me here in the UK, wanted to make a comfy little home for experimental electronica – that which does not feel confined to genre or feel the need to ‘get signed’ all the time. The name rather sums it up. Our ethos is pretty much the ethos of Fwonk*, so it seems a natural fit to join forces. Bubblectro is, however, quite particular about its roster.

‘Me too’ musicians, those who would rather emulate a sound than create one, should go elsewhere. What we hope is that as a part of Fwonk*, artists and observers will see a particular vibe running through Bubblectro. We want to expand our roster to anyone who considers themselves electronically creative. Crucially, at Bubblectro we have an ambition to promote our artists – issuing press packs, creating as much buzz as we can with limited resources in the hope that those resources and that buzz will generate more as we go.

You could say it’s the early years – indeed it is. Essentially we are entering a new phase and it is very much part of the Fwonk* fabric. We’ll be creating press packs for all releases now at Fwonk* and getting more exposure for all artists. We will be pressing sampler CDs and are talking to local indie record shops about helping us to distribute them. We also hope to set up some events and high-profile remix opportunities in the near(ish) future.

Although the label is small, it is international – we have artists in Norway, Africa and the US as well as the UK. We also have an incredible graphic artist in metaFORMA (Romania) and a supreme master of mastering, John Sutherland at Distorted Science. Most of all, we have ambition to make Bubblectro, and its sugar daddy Fwonk*, as big as possible. Yeah.

Cheers. Chris

BUB​009 / Cirix: All Aboard the Binary Boat

Cirix’ second EP on Bubblectro and Fwonk*, a playful and masterful lesson in glitch with electro sensibilities. For more from Cirix and his fellow creative geniuses, head to www.fwonk.com
credits: produced and performed by R. Nash (2012). Mastered by John Sutherland at Distorted Science. Cover by metaFORMA

download: bandcamp

BUB010 / Aural Lab: The Sequence

The debut EP from this experimental three-piece combines the lush vibes of synths and cool tones with rock influences. The Sequence comes across like electro folk – turn the lights off and the music up.
credits: written and produced by N. Shaffer, C. Ritchie and F. Montignani (2010). Mastered by John Sutherland at Distorted Science. Artwork by Derek Pearson

download: bandcamp | archive.org

BUB002 / cerBIc: NoMeanYes EP

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/60636943″ iframe=”true” /]

A superb lesson in dirty jazz from Tom Smurthwaite, the genius mind behind these two tracks. Crisp and crunchy, bouncy and bleepy electro.
credits: written and produced by T. Smurthwaite. Mastered by John Sutherland at Distorted Science

download: bandcamp | archive.org

BUB001 / i have a box: Raggles

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/60542579″ iframe=”true” /]

i have a box‘s debut release on Bubblectro – an eclectic and often electric collection of four songs that fuse genres to great effect.

credits: all composition, performance, production and mixing by C Ritchie (2010). Mastering by John Sutherland at Distorted Science. Artwork by Derek Pearson

download: bandcamp | archive.org