Netaudio / 60

Azureflex / Bipolar Bear

A short blast of fun 8-bit sounds, brought up to date, particularly in the stand-out last track. 8-bit music obviously often sounds familiar, but this is an exceptional quality EP within the limits of the genre.

Man Watching the Stars / Dusk

An intense ambient album of orchestral drones created with violin and effects. This album is deep, involving and technically brilliant.

Crowns / Disk of Dust

An album of the future, as envisioned from the past. This album is a fantastic recreation and homage to the music of late 70s and early 80s science fiction movies, and principally the work of Vangelis. Full of lush, retro synthesis, this album is originally unoriginal but sounds fantastic.

Netaudio / 59

Lorn / The Maze to Nowhere (part two)

This is an all too brief golden treasure of lo-fi, hip-hop fused ambience. Mixing crisp, spare beats with woozy, analogue, distorted synths this album is suffesed by a fuzzy saturated sound. The added ghostly vocals on the first track is a huge pleasure too – it sounds like Boards of Canada jamming with My Bloody Valentine to make hip-hop.

Zeke Beats / Pay Attention

Another fine record from Saturate Records, this combines elements of trap, hip-hop, EDM and chiptune to fine effect. The riffs aren’t the most original, but the production is stand out. You need huge bass bins to hear this music – you will literally miss 40% of the music if you listen through laptop speakers!

Ghost / A Tale of Life in VI Parts

Some good old fashioned instrumental hip-hop, this bears comparison with the likes of DJ Shadow. 6 tracks of acoustic drum beats, piano riffs and good old fashioned dialogue samples.

Netaudio / 57

Jingha-a x 90sFlav / Catch’in The Vibe (EP)

Dusted Wax Kingdom have a longstanding tradition of putting out the very best in netaudio hip-hop, and this, their 286th release, totally lives up to the title. Part trip-hop, part old skool hip-hop, this is proudly stuck in the 90s with lo-fi loops, beats, clicks and cuts.

DR / 4 Drones

Etched Traumas netlabel bring four short ambient drones from German producer Dominic Razlaff who employs field recordings, synthesizers and tape loops to great effect. Chords wash in and wash out from background layers of static, warm distortion meets the coldness of the chords and melodies.

Various Artists / Gem Drops Four

Gem Drops Four is a compilation album from the Dropping Gems netlabel featuring 21 tracks of prime glitch hop from Portland, USA. Particularly amazing is the track Falling by Vandetta, a ghostly acapella.

Netaudio / 56

krupoviesa / La noche de los muertos muertos

On the Black Fish Discos netlabel, this album of fuzzy, lo-fi pop and rock is tinged – despite the Cramps-esque title and artwork – with post-rock guitars, 8 bit saw tooth synths and thundering bass. Whatever, it’s just great music. Go listen.

Esta b2b Joe Kay / Live @ TSOT (Stussy X Soulection After Party)

A 43 minutes DJ set from Esta and Joe Kay recorded live at Stussy x Soulection After Party @ The Echoplex on the 5 September 2014. The beats are laid back, funky and hard.

The Satans / Social Justice Warrior

The Satans bring you eleven tracks of full pelt hardcore punk. The pace is fast, brutal, non-stop and intense. Personally speaking, it would be even better with some blast beats, but you can’t have everything!

Commercial Music of the Week

This week we have been listening to Aphex Twin – Syro, Goat – Commune, Body Count – Institutionalized.

Like what you hear? Get in touch with us and let us know if there’s some great free music you’ve heard (or released) lately. Get in touch!

Netaudio / 55

This week we have two suggestions from Phirnis and one from Heskin Radiophonic.

Bad Kisser / Loss

Clocking in at a mere five minutes, Loss is every bit as curious as it is alluringly short. Drenched in an overbearing amount of reverb, this sounds pretty close to what might have emerged from a fantasy collaborative project consisting of Loveless-era MBV and Japan’s finest, The Gerogerigegege, abandoned once and for all after only a single day’s worth of preliminary writing and recording. It’s that good.

The Volumes Setting Folder / Heidelberg EP

Heidelberg is a city prone to romantic idealization. On this sweetly brief record (can you sense I love whenever people keep it short?), that somewhat nostalgic notion is translated into some of the downright most satisfying drone music of recent memory. Comes with a PDF file featuring scans of several vintage postcards addressed to one Fräulein Babette Metzger, Sophienstraße 19.

Fountain / Fountain

Fountain play angular guitar music, with clashing polyrhythms. It’s distinctly lies in a post-punk groove, both in terms of sound writing and production – this record could easily have come from Manchester in 1978, but it comes from Australia in 2014. If you like the idea of a band that sounds like Wire jamming with Captain Beefheart, this is probably the record for you.

Like what you hear? Get in touch with us and let us know if there’s some great free music you’ve heard (or released) lately. Get in touch!

Netaudio / 54

Psychic Soviets / Spaghetti Calligraphy

Previously known as The Vudu Zoo, the Psychic Soviets sound like vintage The Fall. And depending on what you think of Mark E Smith and his rotating rosta of musicians, this is either a very, very good thing or something best ignored. It is of course a very, very good thing.

Bleep Bloop / Feel The Cosmos

Feel The Cosmos is an album length release from Bleep Bloop that sizzles with contemporary sounds – glitch hop, trap and dubstep elements via for supremacy.

8m² / For The Birds

This collection of ambient drones, industrial sounds and music concrete was originally recorded in the mid 1990s by Elmar Hintz on 2, 4 and 8 track audio tapes, giving the cold ambience a warm analogue glow.

Like what you hear? Get in touch with us and let us know if there’s some great free music you’ve heard (or released) lately. Get in touch!

150 / V/A: FWONK*150

Every milestone is just as important as the last, no mountain is too high to climb. For this, our 150th release on the label, we present to you a new compilation featuring 12 exclusive new songs and mixes from our artists, including 3dtorus, Antti Tammimaa, echosonic, Heskin Radiophonic, hxw hxw, Katarrhaktes, Quiggers, and we are not broken. Here’s to 150 more to come! Cheers!

download: bandcamp |

Netaudio / 53

We haven’t done one of these for a long, long while. But with Apple hacking everybody’s account and leaving a turd of a U2 album in your iTunes, we thought we’d recommend some free music that is good, and that you can download out of your own choice, rather than having it imposed on you.

So without more of a do, we recommend…Various Artists / Empire of Fuzz

Twenty-six tracks of contemporary garage punk and garage rock, slathered, as the title suggests in layers upon layers of fuzz. Featuring Moon Duo, Pissed Jeans and many others, this album is an audio kick in the bollocks, and gob of spit in the eye.

Various Artists / Sequence8

Futuresequence is a long standing ambient netlabel, and this, the eigth in their epic series of double-album length ambient compilations maintains the high standards of the previous entries. From the sound of frozen wastes, to the haunted cellars of an ancient opera house, this album conjures all manner of ambient and drone based music.

Skytree / Ganesha

This two part EP blends new age, trance and ambient music to great effect. This is very much in the same ballpark Banco de Gaia and is a perfect choice for a chill out session.

Like what you hear? Get in touch with us and let us know if there’s some great free music you’ve heard (or released) lately. Get in touch!

Top 10 Netaudio Releases of 2012: Part 2

5 / Woodspider – In The Thick Of It

Woodspider - In The Thick Of It

Is it anarcho-folk, freak country or acoustic punk? I don’t know, but Woodspider make a glorious racket. It features bellowed vocals, scraped violins, and acoustic guitars strummed apparently by scissors. Underneath all the racket though is a delightful sense of song-writing, mischief and rock and roll excess.

Download: Bandcamp

4 / Ohsaurus – Unendlichen Himmel

Ohsaurus - Unendlichen Himmel

You may have guessed by now that we like a bit of Ohsaurus around these parts. This release, from the prolific artist, is one of about 19 he’s released in 2012. Obviously, it’s difficult to pick one as the best, so I went with the “pin the tail on the donkey” technique! This release is totally what you’d expect from The Big Oh – it’s funky, instrumental hip-hop that’s so cool it could freeze a T-1000.

Download: Bandcamp

3 / Kadasarva – Steamagination

Kadasarva – Steamagination

Okay, I’ve just realised this was released in December 2011… but it doesn’t matter. This is an awesome release of pounding trancey synths and beats. This is old school analogue trance-house given a 21st century digital makeover. The whole thing throbs with sexy, e-powered, unrelenting energy.

Download: Ektoplazm Netlabel

2 / Corrupt Autopilot – Oh No!

Corrupt Autopilot - Oh No!

I love Corrupt Autopilot. This is pure garage rock and roll, filtered through with hints of gothic Americana. More boisterous than their previous (also excellent) EP, this is chock full of great riffs, fuzzed guitars and drawled lyrics. It rocks. Go listen.

Download: Bandcamp

1 / Talk Less, Say More – England Without Rain

Talk Less, Say More - England Without Rain

There was only one contender for this position – a netlabel release without parrallel anywhere. In fact this is the best record of the year, period. It hasn’t been off my MP3 player since it was released.

This album doesn’t contain a duff track, a bum note or a single foot wrong. It’s perfect.

It redefines and reclaims pop music as a genre – begone you Simon Cowell generated karaoke-bots, begone you factory assembled hit machine girl bands! This is original, electro-pop music as a work of art, something that is lovingly created, rather than cynically, synthetically packaged.

This album absolute pings with imagination, creativity, wit and it’s impossible not to get excited by that. And if you don’t want to take my word for it, read all the other reviews on the webpage.

Download: Records On Ribs Netlabel

Top 10 Netaudio Releases of 2012: Part 1

So December is here, 2013 is almost upon us. First we have the Season of Good Will and Obligatory List Making!

I’d like to begin by saying, there is no way that this list is comprehensive or objective. There have been thousands of netlabel and netaudio in 2012, and I’ve listened to a couple of hundred. Also, the list is purely based on my own musical preferences.

Anyway, the point is I heartily recommend these to you all. They are all free to download, all great listens, and if you haven’t got them already, go and get them and listen to them!

We’ll be back next Friday with the Top 5!

10 / VA – FWONK*100

VA - FWONK*100

Okay, you’re probably thinking this is a bit biased, and you’d be right. FWONK*100 represented our 100th release, and was a summation of the talent and creativity that has accrued within Fwonk* over the past four-and-a-half years. It had everything from industrial metal, to ambient drones, to synth pop and our first classical contribution from Eivind and his room-filling, home built MIDI pipe organ.

Download: Fwonk* Netlabel

9 / The Ghost Of 3.13 – The World Isn’t Here

The Ghost Of 3.13 - The World Isn't Here

The Ghost Of 3.13 originally burst onto Sociopath Recordings with this album, now available on Bandcamp. This is ambient, electronic glitch-hop from Romania. As the name suggests, there is a ghostly, ethereal glow throughout the album, even on the low down and dirty glitchy, crackly hip-hop numbers. It sends shivers down the spine, even in the heat of summer.

Download: Bandcamp

8 / Muhr – Hantises

Muhr - Hantises

In a similar vein, this is spooky European glitch-hop at it’s best. Throbbing saw-basses glower menacingly, guitar loops echo and fade. Distinctly melancholy and threatening, this is a downbeat trip into the dark-side of an upbeat musical style.

Download: Camomille Music

7 / Electrocado – The Shepard Tone

Electrocado - The Shepard Tone

This is a huge, pounding EP of sparkling synths, throbbing dubstep, rock, glitch, hip-hop. Pretty much every musical style of 2012 is present in this album, and it makes for a non-stop adrenaline rush. Only one word of warning – this would be far higher up this list without the guitar solos.

Download: Ektoplazm Netlabel

6 / Snailking – Samsara

Snailking - Samsara

Snailking are a stoner-doom-metal three piece. These three songs are smothered in the finest trappings of the genre – wreathed in a cloud of bongsmoke, down-tuned guitars, growling vocals and a tempo that’s so slow, it’s almost in reverse. This is like listening to Kyuss put through Paul Stretch. Love it!

Download: Bandcamp