116 / Frenchie: This Is Me

To help stave off those January blues comes an album from Lancaster troubadour Frenchie, full of warmth, life and soul. There’s a crackle of vitality in these songs, and Frenchie’s amazing voice has the power and humanity to drive these songs.

All songs written by Frenchie, except tracks written by Frenchie and Julian Whittle. All songs performed by Frenchie & Matt. Additional lyrics on Smell A Rat and Guilty by Ash. Recorded and mixed by Matt. Produced by Matt & Frenchie.

“Thanks to everyone for your unconditional support through all of my musical endeavours! It’s take a long time to get this album released, so thanks for your patience and thanks for listening!! Enjoy :))” – Frenchie

download: bandcamp | archive.org

112 / Fifteen Days of Winter: V1-EP

After two decades of bursting (mainly their own) eardrums as an indie band named Paste, the guys from 15 Days decided on a name change, a genre change and a couple of instrument swaps. The acoustic ‘double a-side’ here is the results of those changes.

Chris Galpin – banjo, keys and vocals
Colin Robey – guitar
Mark Wallbridge – guitar
Matt Sales – bass
Stu Edwards – drums

download: bandcamp | archive.org