133 / V/A: Fwonk* Classics

Taking inspiration from hundreds of years of classical music, a select cadre of Fwonk* alumni offer their interpretations and versions of the genre. Tackling Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Ravel and Stravinsky – as well as lesser-known composers like Thomas Tallis, Pietro Masagni and Josquin de Prez – are Fwonk* artists echosonic, katarrhaktes, Eivind Fivelsdal, Heskin Radiophonic, Per Byhring, Fudgedubnofunk and Dr Nemmo.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

111 / V/A: The Legendary Swimsuit Issue

When at the beach on a glorious Summer’s day, the lovely lads and ladies at the fantastic Fwonk* studios promise they will never wear those sweaty speedos you most earnestly wish you hadn’t bought them for Christmas in jest. Nor will they torture you with terror-inducing spray-on tan lines or sandy crotch-paunches. Nope. Not now. Not ever. Our hands may be behind our backs, but that doesn’t mean our fingers are crossed.

Compiled, mastered and designed by Katarrhaktes.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

107 / Katarrhaktes: Collapse

Katarrhaktes ends its series of EPs with ‘collapse’, a ten track remix album chronicling every release since 2010’s ‘MAELSTRÖM’. This LP features special remixes by Per Byhring, Heskin Radiophonic, Puppet Show, and Fudgedubnofunk from the Fwonk* netlabel alongside reworkings by Katarrhaktes and two tracks completely exclusive to this release.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

102 / Fudgedubnofunk: This Is MADNESS

To help celebrate Fwonk*s fifth anniversary, we thought we’d treat you all with a delicious outpouring of electronic delight from our regular tame synth-wrangler Fudgedubnofunk. The tracks gurgle, bleep and writhe, the beats pound.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

100.5 / Fudgedubnofunk: Into The Void

Fwonk* regular – stalwart even! – Fudgedubnofunk helps celebrate our centenary by giving us not one, but two huge mixtapes of music released under Creative Commons licenses, much of it from the Fwonk* archives, including Inkraktare, Per, Heskin Radiophonic and Fudgedubnofunk himself.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

100.1 / V/A: FWONK*100

Welcome to FWONK*100 – our hundredth release on the good ship Fwonk*! As we settle down, to read our congratulatory letter from HRH The Queen, we give – as the first salvo in a five-album salute – this massive compilation to you.

Featuring Fwonk* regulars and old-timers such as Heskin Radiophonic, Styli, Vasko The Pig, Katarrhaktes, Fudgedubnofunk, Organic Shift Man and Nemmo this also features – at long last! – the first Fwonk* recording from Norwegian progmeister and father-to-us-all Eivind Fivelsdal.

Fwonk* would especially like to thank Katarrhaktes for the going and building that amazing sculpture and making the artwork just for lil’ ol’ us.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

086 / Fudgedubnofunk: Solvency II, Release 2

Fudgedubnofunk returns to Fwonk* with another album, this time more beat and groove driven, merging elements of house, techno, ambient and industrial to forge a fantastic LP, that bustles with restless energy, soaked in it’s own caffeine rush.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

071 / Fudgedubnofunk: Solvency II, Release 1

Solvency 2 is a fundamental review of the capital adequacy regime for the European insurance industry. It aims to establish a revised set of EU-wide capital requirements and risk management standards that will replace the current Solvency requirements.

So, this psychobabble provided the context, Katarrhaktes provided the vocalisation of this psychobabble and then I built the electrobeatsplurge to bring the whole thing to life (also inspired by the stresses, strains and brainfunkin madness of the project I started working on in September last year to implement this darn “directive” in the company I work for!!!).

download: bandcamp | archive.org

051 / Fudgedubnofunk & Friends: The Croydon Library Project

Fudgedubnofunk writes:
The Croydon Library Project was born one cold, wet and windy January or February lunchtime in 2001. I had popped into the library just to get out of the rain and cold. At the time I was working on a music project called ‘Amalgamation’, so I had a pad and pen with me all the time to jot down words and ideas. So, there I was and this kind of paranoia came over me, all dark and spooky and almost subconsciously I wrote down 4 nonsensical lines of “poetry”. The original intention was just one track, but it seemed to me there was more mileage in the thing, so I punted the recorded vox and some of the sounds from the original track to some other electronic music makers on Electomancer.com … and the project grew from there. Over the course of 2-3 years around 20 new versions (most of which are here) were created in a variety of styles, I set up a webpage and put together this compilation, which has stayed locked in the vaults …until NOW!!

download: archive.org

041 / Fudgedubnofunk: Computer Music

The concept/theme that underpins the sonics of “computer music” are the sounds of the C64 and the (almost) final death throws of Fudgedubnofunk’s laptop. The tunes here amalgamate all the various styles and sounds from Fudgedubnofunk’s previous musical exploriments. So, there’s something for everyone (who likes techno, breakbeat, dnb, ambient, glitch, drones and general weirdness at least!)

download: archive.org