052 / Katarrhaktes: The Xallarap Investigation

Riding the waves of fire from KATARRHAKTES’ previous concept EP MAELSTRÖM, The Xallarap Investigation is a somewhat more muted affair, favouring stripped back, simplified waveforms to the densely programmed sound fields of prior releases. This EP, written in one week, chronicles the explorations of a scientific research team whose orders are to investigate a planet given the moniker ‘Xallarap’ after extreme gravitational mirages are observed in its vicinity.

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044 / Katarrhaktes: MAELSTRÖM

Beginnings of stories are often familiar in formula; we are introduced to characters, places, and, of course, scenarios in turn. It’s when the cogs begin to revolve that we are led astray by the narrative into the unfamiliar. In this way, MAELSTRÖM sounds, in places, very much like previous chapters in the story of KATARRHAKTES. It’s dense, distinctly electronic in design, and has the duality of abrasiveness coupled with frailty that one might associate with the name. However, the era of KALI YUGA has ended. KATARRHAKES is back, and is louder than ever, with a new rawness, and an edge as keen as the sting of a Black Widow’s bite. To be listened to at none other than the highest volumes.

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042 / Katarrhaktes: If It Breaks

Please note that several of the pieces of music on this mixtape may differ slightly from the original recordings. This was not meant to offend any of the artists, but rather to expand upon ideas that I have picked up on, and assist in the flow of the music.

In the same way, the tracks used on this recording have not been selected in order to be malicious towards the artists who made them, nor to hurt their sales if that is the way they choose to present their music. Although the greatest care was made to obtain permission from virtually every artist featured on this compilation outside of Fwonk*, through no fault of my own, some of them could simply not be contacted. In these cases, I do apologise. If you are one of those artists, and feel affronted, please see it as free promotion of your material rather than anything that could be construed as sinister. Katarrhaktes does not support piracy, and only the greatest respect is meant in all cases.

Katarrhaktes is not responsible for any damage you may inflict upon yourself while listening to this compilation. You have been warned.

download: archive.org