100.5 / Fudgedubnofunk: Into The Void

Fwonk* regular – stalwart even! – Fudgedubnofunk helps celebrate our centenary by giving us not one, but two huge mixtapes of music released under Creative Commons licenses, much of it from the Fwonk* archives, including Inkraktare, Per, Heskin Radiophonic and Fudgedubnofunk himself.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

100.2 / Katarrhaktes: Scattered To The Wind

Fwonk*s favourite master of destructive reconstruction Katarrhaktes brings his own inimitable style to our second release of FWONK*100. This album takes tracks from the Fwonk* back catalogue and gives them the full on remix treatment – artists such as Bachelor Machines, Styli, Fudgedubnofunk, Imploded View and Kabukiman see their tracks ripped asunder, transformed, mutated and evolved into something new, something exciting and something chaotic.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

042 / Katarrhaktes: If It Breaks

Please note that several of the pieces of music on this mixtape may differ slightly from the original recordings. This was not meant to offend any of the artists, but rather to expand upon ideas that I have picked up on, and assist in the flow of the music.

In the same way, the tracks used on this recording have not been selected in order to be malicious towards the artists who made them, nor to hurt their sales if that is the way they choose to present their music. Although the greatest care was made to obtain permission from virtually every artist featured on this compilation outside of Fwonk*, through no fault of my own, some of them could simply not be contacted. In these cases, I do apologise. If you are one of those artists, and feel affronted, please see it as free promotion of your material rather than anything that could be construed as sinister. Katarrhaktes does not support piracy, and only the greatest respect is meant in all cases.

Katarrhaktes is not responsible for any damage you may inflict upon yourself while listening to this compilation. You have been warned.

download: archive.org

038 / Bachelor Machines: The Zeroes

The Bachelor Machines get together and produce the first in an irregular series of live sets and mixes. It is intended to provide the unfamiliar listener with an audio introduction to the world of the Bachelor Machines. If you would like to listen to more, go to Fwonk* and then to Bandcamp. These links to further releases which may be downloaded for free. In addition the album A House Is A Machine For Living is now available to buy.

download: archive.org