100.1 / V/A: FWONK*100

Welcome to FWONK*100 – our hundredth release on the good ship Fwonk*! As we settle down, to read our congratulatory letter from HRH The Queen, we give – as the first salvo in a five-album salute – this massive compilation to you.

Featuring Fwonk* regulars and old-timers such as Heskin Radiophonic, Styli, Vasko The Pig, Katarrhaktes, Fudgedubnofunk, Organic Shift Man and Nemmo this also features – at long last! – the first Fwonk* recording from Norwegian progmeister and father-to-us-all Eivind Fivelsdal.

Fwonk* would especially like to thank Katarrhaktes for the going and building that amazing sculpture and making the artwork just for lil’ ol’ us.

download: bandcamp |

EPs & Albums

046 / Organic Shift Man: Cardboard Tubes EP

Organic Shift Man, the acid soaked techno detective returns with his debut EP of beast lubing wobble variety. Get off now, but only with Fwonk*



013 / BSMo & Bentley: New Object

A two track single from BSMo, a post-modern bedtime story, featuring words by Joseph Alford and vocals by Bentley. Fusing ambient soundscapes with poetic story telling, New Object is a stunning sonic experiment.