150 / V/A: FWONK*150

Every milestone is just as important as the last, no mountain is too high to climb. For this, our 150th release on the label, we present to you a new compilation featuring 12 exclusive new songs and mixes from our artists, including 3dtorus, Antti Tammimaa, echosonic, Heskin Radiophonic, hxw hxw, Katarrhaktes, Quiggers, and we are not broken. Here’s to 150 more to come! Cheers!

download: bandcamp | archive.org

107 / Katarrhaktes: Collapse

Katarrhaktes ends its series of EPs with ‘collapse’, a ten track remix album chronicling every release since 2010’s ‘MAELSTRÖM’. This LP features special remixes by Per Byhring, Heskin Radiophonic, Puppet Show, and Fudgedubnofunk from the Fwonk* netlabel alongside reworkings by Katarrhaktes and two tracks completely exclusive to this release.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

100.2 / Katarrhaktes: Scattered To The Wind

Fwonk*s favourite master of destructive reconstruction Katarrhaktes brings his own inimitable style to our second release of FWONK*100. This album takes tracks from the Fwonk* back catalogue and gives them the full on remix treatment – artists such as Bachelor Machines, Styli, Fudgedubnofunk, Imploded View and Kabukiman see their tracks ripped asunder, transformed, mutated and evolved into something new, something exciting and something chaotic.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

051 / Fudgedubnofunk & Friends: The Croydon Library Project

Fudgedubnofunk writes:
The Croydon Library Project was born one cold, wet and windy January or February lunchtime in 2001. I had popped into the library just to get out of the rain and cold. At the time I was working on a music project called ‘Amalgamation’, so I had a pad and pen with me all the time to jot down words and ideas. So, there I was and this kind of paranoia came over me, all dark and spooky and almost subconsciously I wrote down 4 nonsensical lines of “poetry”. The original intention was just one track, but it seemed to me there was more mileage in the thing, so I punted the recorded vox and some of the sounds from the original track to some other electronic music makers on Electomancer.com … and the project grew from there. Over the course of 2-3 years around 20 new versions (most of which are here) were created in a variety of styles, I set up a webpage and put together this compilation, which has stayed locked in the vaults …until NOW!!

download: archive.org