152 / Almark: Oracle/Feather

Almark brings forth two new singles from early fall 2014. Oracle allows life to be heard with each beat and explodes into a mystery; thus allowing the Avant-Garde to flow into a different ‘dance-like’ music pool. While Feather chooses the more ‘serene’ yet haunting approach of nature and music.

Oracle – Re-mastered on Nov 1, 2014. All Music written and composed by Almark. Mixing and Mastering by Almark. Originally released to SynthoElectro Records.

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136 / Almark: -ATD-

Almark writes: -ATD- is a pure Electronic album that recaptures the vibes of the past, while keeping the modern element intact. While this album is not a retro album but has feelings of retro.

In 2012 I had the urge to create music from a digital source to analog and back again, this idea formed -ATD- “Analog to Digital” but since this method I was using didn’t work for me, I instead created the album in DAW. I wanted to recreate a element that has been lost through the years. This is such an album, but from my perspective. I wanted to capture the retro feelings I felt as a child in 1983. This album is much like when people were experimenting in clubs and so forth in Germany, UK and abroad. Much of the influence comes from growing up hearing PBS, BBC, and other television programs and movies. Where you would hear snippets of moog-like sounds between commercials, things were analog, pure and tangible. -ATD- is my tribute to Electronic music in a whole.

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120 / Almark: Tape Head

Retro feelings and deep synth basslines make up ‘Tape Head’ put to snappy beats and fantasy style keyboard playing. With its B-side IC (live version) a modern recreation of what sounds like influences to Tangerine Dream and film music playing as one.

Tape Head and IC taken from upcoming album, to be released Spring 2014

download: bandcamp | archive.org