130 / 3dtorus: Impact Winter EP

3dtorus writes: The ‘impact winter ep’ was fully produced before the ‘one source ep’ was even released. It mirrors a whole lot of emotions from happiest excitement to heavy anxiety and the last attack of winters depression.

I threw off tons of pressure by producing it – pressure of a half-year-lasting search for a musical home. I had sent the ‘one source ep’ to 38 different labels…maybe you get the point of ‘pressure’.

I had visualized my music to be released by someone and I reached this landmark!

A big loving shout to everybody supporting…before and after!

Enjoy my second release – the ‘impact winter ep’!

download: bandcamp | archive.org

124 / 3dtorus: one source ep

This debut EP from 3dtorus buzzes with classic analogue synthesis and acid squelches, but takes them in a very different direction. This is deep psychedelic kosmische music, the tunes evolve, diverge and reproduce, sucking the listener in. The music puts you right on the dancefloor, fully submerged in your own isolation tank.

download: bandcamp | archive.org